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Additive metal manufacturing (or 3D printing) is bringing a breath of fresh air to the design of new hydraulic system parts by offering custom solutions to improve equipment performance.

This video produced by the Gen3D website gives good preliminary examples of how this technology can improve the design and performance of hydraulic components.


Some examples:
- Reducing the total weight of the part by printing only the minimum amount of material needed.
- Weight reduction means better unit cost and cost of ownership when installed in equipment where component weight impacts energy costs in operation.
- Ability to substantially improve liquid flow (hence better equipment performance) by eliminating 90o tubes.
- Ability to create a custom shaped part to be installed in a tight space.
- Create a new part with multiple functions by printing in one piece various components that previously had to be welded or assembled together.

In addition, additive manufacturing technology has advantages in terms of carbon footprint by reducing the mass (energy consumption), the amount of material used vs. the % of waste of this same material in the substractive processes.

Let us know if you have needs for which a new design of parts in 3D metal printing could be advantageous:
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