Laroche foundry capability

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Laroche foundry (Pont-Rouge, Qc Canada):

• A solid foundry know-how has been transferred to the 4th generation of the Laroche family at the head of the company; among them feature the following abilities: management / engineering / production technical skills
• ISO9001 registered;

• Only canadian foundry operating the DISA/MATCH 20/24 horizontal automated moulding line;
o This line can mould 172 molds/hour for parts with no cores and 120 molds/hour for parts with cores
o Fits for most of the parts of 100-120 lbs and less that can fit on a 24'' x 20'' aluminum match plate
o This line enables Laroche to offer pieces produced in a cost-effective way

• Produce all grey and ductile irons alloys;
• Overall range of production per net casting weight: 1 to 3000 lbs.

• Internal capability to support customer in proposing friendly-foundry design modifications to offer most cost-effective price vs the required piece.
• All new parts are passed in the 3D simulation process to determine the right rigging system and produce quality cast parts on a consistant basis

• Sub-contracting partners in the following fields:
o pattern/tooling making;
o NDT inspections;
o Machining and painting

• Laroche is supplying customers in the following market segments:
o Hydraulic critical cast parts;
o Energy;
o Mining;
o Metallurgical and aluminum smelter plants;
o Rail
o Agriculture equipments
o Municipal cast parts
o Etc

To know more about what Laroche foundry can do to support your company, please contact Metallurgical Resources at or by phone at (514) 236-5441.

Click on the video below to watch the operations at Laroche foundry:

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