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G.E. Gilbert, a high-qualified machine shop represented by Metallurgical Resources and specialized in complex weldment fabrication, has again demonstrated their great capability to make the difference for their customer. How? By offering a customized solution generating permanent cost reduction on some production replacement parts.

This important Canadian aluminum plant has to replace their white-iron support guide every 2-3 months.

Our partner has assessed the problematic and offered a simple solution to target a significant increase in the life-expectancy of the part, resulting in a cut in the direct production cost and less maintenance downtime.

G.E. Gilbert has offered a modified iron material grade for these cast parts and, though the unit price was 25% higher than the previous one, succeeded in the tests made in production

The results? The parts put in test are still used in production 5 years after the initial testing. An outstanding performance!
Needless to say that the customer has since then replace all the support guides with this new material and experienced since then less downtime and a greater productivity.

You have some quick wear issues with some parts or you have pressure to reduce your production cost?
Then please contact us so we properly evaluate your needs to identify where our G.E. Gilbert partner can make the difference for your business:
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