BSL CASTING: Making cast parts of 2000 lbs and less in all steel & wear-resistant alloys

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BSL Casting is a steel & wear-resistant iron foundry casting parts of 2000 lbs and less in all the steel alloys and in white high-chromium irons.

They expertise, among other ones, is to successfully convert machined and weldment parts into castings. Resulting in higher physical properties and often combined with a cost-reduction.

BSL Casting is a proud partner of Metallurgical Resources that is mainly active in the following market segments:
• Mining;
• Pump & valves mfg;
• Transportation mfg and their tiers suppliers;
• Hydraulic & Fabricators;
• Aluminum plants and the related metallurgical industries;
• Energy;
• Retro-engineering projects;
• Others;

See below their corporate video.

To know more about BSL Casting capabilities, please visit their website at:
You can contact them at (418) 725-5543 or call Metallurgical Resources at (514) 236-5441.

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