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About Metallurgical Resources inc.

Metallurgical Resources is a canadian based company located in the Province of Quebec and linked to an important network of customers in the Eastern part of North-America.
Our role is to match together the needs of our large customers’ base with the expertise and know-how of the competent canadian companies we represent.

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Services and Expertise

At Metallurgical Resources we support our customers by properly identifying their specific requirements (and this as soon as the part design and concept stage) as well as for the fabrication of the components they need.

We rely on a solid and qualified network of partners in order to help our customers on following aspects:

  • Selection of the right material in-line with the targeted physical properties;
  • Maximization of the unit cost by selecting the optimized part design.
Our achievements

We are mainly active in the following niches :

  • Customized concept and part design
  • Prototyping and benchmarking tests required on some R&D and part development projects
  • Support in finite elements analysis and process engineering projects
  • Foundry processes in a wide range of alloys
  • Forging
  • High precision machining and complex weldment assemblies
  • Conversion of machined and weldment parts into castings when it makes sense from a cost optimization and physical properties perspectives
  • Metallic additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • Manufacturing of power transmission / gearbox systems
  • Heat treatment / Quenching / Surface treatment
  • Non-destructive inspections
  • Offshore manufacturing for specific requirements

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Metallurgical Resources Inc.
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